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Little Actions Can Make a Big Impact

Posted by: In: Blog, New Ideas 01 Aug 2010 Comments: 0

I spent the last few days at James Malinchak’s Millionaire Speaker Secrets event. During one of his presentations, he was making a point about how little actions can make a big difference. He shared this video, in which dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman (of Extreme Makeover fame) shaves his head for charity after raising $121,000 in donations for the LEAP foundation. James was also the one who called in the final donation that put them over the top on their goal. Little actions, either over time or at exactly the right time, can have a big impact. Do you stay on the lookout for big-impact opportunities in your life and business?

This also made a great lead-in for Darren Hardy’s talk about his new book The Compound Effect – definitely want to download the free excerpt and have a listen to the sample audio.

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