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Top 7 Ways to use Keywords for SEO

Posted by: In: Blog, Get Rich Click 05 Nov 2010 Comments: 0

There is no exact right or wrong way to optimize website content for Search Engine Optimization. One of the best ways to rank organically is to make sure the search engines determine that your content is relevant to the topic that a user searches. It all comes down to understanding how search engines read your website’s content and how they rank your website based on how well your web site provides this information.

1) When it comes to using keywords, utilizing them properly can greatly increase your organic traffic. It all comes down to how you use the right keywords in order to make your content relevant.

2) Emphasize your keywords through the webpage titles and headers. These carry greater weight when it comes to keyword usage than the body of your content. Search engines read these labels as the “outline” for your entire content. Make sure to include your keywords in the page title and headers to let search engines and your searchers know what your site is all about. Use title and header tags sparingly though. The over use of keywords is called keyword spamming. If the search engine crawlers determine that you are keyword spamming, your website may lose ranking in the search results.

3) Accentuate the relevance of your content with internet searches by highlighting important terms and phrases in your content’s body through the use of italicized, bold, or underlined text. This would allow key phrases in your webpage to stand out. Having your keywords stand out helps readers quickly narrow in on the parts of the page that they are looking for.

4) Keywords have to relate to your page’s content. You can’t put keywords relating to cars on a web page about bicycles and expect either the reader or the search engines to respond favorably. Effective use of keywords truly depends on making your web page useful. If you try to “game” the system, eventually the search engines and the users will start to ignore you.

5) One of the best ways to research what keywords users are searching for is with online tools. Here at Get Rich Click, we use a tool called KeywordSpy, you can search for websites relevant to your industry, go through their keywords, and collect useful terms you can focus on at your website.  Along with keywords, you can find out how popular a keyword is with metrics like Search Volume and Search Results analysis. Having access to known keywords with quality searches will help with your site content.

6) Avoid overdoing it. The idea of keyword research and on page optimization is to make your website relevant with online searches in order to establish credible rankings. However, overdoing the usage of keywords and techniques can also cause a backlash effect. As much as it is a task to make your website appropriate it is also important to make the content coherent.

7) Proofread your final content with your keywords, read it out loud to see if it makes sense or causes confusion.  Avoid redundancy.  Have someone else read it to see if it makes sense.  If you have used the same keyword more than twice within four sentences, you have gone overboard.

Remember, you have to work to get the keywords for your web page right. Don’t give up too soon, and make sure that you follow the steps above.

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