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10 Steps to Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

Posted by: In: Blog, Get Rich Click 15 Nov 2010 Comments: 0

1. Buy a domain name that includes the specific Keyword for the product.

2. Set up an affiliate relationship with one or more firms in that field.

3. Create a simple website for the products.

4. You can obtain the photos you need from the firm for which you are selling, but be sure to ask permission first.

5. Create new copy for your website. Don’t use the same copy your partner uses; it can hurt your search engine rankings as well as other firms that have this copy on their sites.

6. Submit your website to the search engines.

7. Build links to and from your site with other related sites.

8. Create links to your new site from your Facebook and MySpace accounts. Consider asking your friends to list your site on their Facebook and MySpace accounts.

9. Write about your products on other sites, blogs, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to get more traffic.

10. Optimize your site to improve your search engine rankings and increase traffic.

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