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CASE STUDY: Creating a Revenue Stream

Posted by: In: Blog, Get Rich Click 20 Dec 2010 Comments: 0

My friend Adrian Morrison makes a great living in the affiliate marketing world.  He has over 70 different campaigns running at the same time, and they’re all bringing in revenue.

Here’s one example:  Adrian was buying traffic  from Facebook for $.02 per click and selling those leads to an advertiser who wanted to build an e-mail list. The advertiser was giving away two tickets to the movies – at a wholesale cost of $2.00 — and paid Adrian $1.35 for every lead that signed up.  It took about five clicks for every sign up, which works out to the following:

•  Advertiser pays $2.00 for wholesale movie tickets

•  Advertiser pays out $1.35 to Adrian

•  Adrian pays Facebook $.02 per click, or $.10 for every five clicks

•  Adrian nets $1.25 per e-mail sign up

This cycle occurs 400 times per day — which means $15,000 per month profit on this single campaign.

There are thousands of ways to make money in the affiliate business. The trick knowing what traffic is out there to be purchased, at what cost, and what type of traffic the affiliates want. Then you put those pieces together — and keep the profit for yourself.

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