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Top Consumer Tech Trends & Apps Revealed by Trendwatcher Marc Ostrofsky in ‘Word of Mouse’

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Technology is changing so fast that it’s easy to give in to intimidation instead of taking charge of its opportunities.

In WORD OF MOUSE: 101+ Trends in How We Buy, Sell, Live, Learn, Work and Play (Simon & Schuster, 9/10/13), bestselling author and trend watcher Marc Ostrofsky reveals the latest apps and technologies that can empower ordinary people to excel at virtually every aspect of their lives from shopping, parenting and education, to safety, health, dating, and more, sharing key opportunities that can make our lives easier, faster and more effective.

For example, the latest technology is transforming:

Parenting: Bridge the digital divide with your kids by staying in touch through social media and Skype. Monitor their online behavior. Discuss risks of public posts and tweets.

Savvy Shopping: Discover the 20 best mobile shopping apps for electronic coupons, price comparisons, price alerts, rewards, and product reviews so you can find the best deals, get the best price, and purchase your item with a mobile payment system-all on your phone.

Cyber Safety: Outsmart cybercriminals who are targeting more than ten million victims a year including your kids. Discover apps that protect you from distracted driving.

Dating: Take online workshops on how to investigate and verify details about your dates.

DIY Health: Find the best apps that test your eyesight, diagnose back pain, track your eating habits and sleeping patterns, monitor your blood pressure, and forecast hay fever.

Education: Witness today’s digital classrooms where third-grade kids track homework due-dates, check grades, and access course materials on smartphone apps, learn with educational electronic games, write blogs, and initiate Skype calls with authors they read.

Pets: GPS collar tags can help you identify where your pet is at all times.

Side Income: Sell any product on the spot with an app that turns your smartphone into a cash register. Or explore “Tebowing”, a website you design to attract traffic.

You’ll not only learn about the latest apps at your disposal, but tips on how to best use them to your advantage to make your life easier, safer, thriftier and more fun.

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